Corporate Social Responsibility

After publishing so many CSR papers and other charity papers all over the world, we felt it was our time to give something back. We were looking for a charity organization that we could identify Mediaplanet with. Hand in Hand is an organization that supports entrepreneurship and education. We easily indentified Mediaplanet in this foundation since we share the focus on entrepreneurship.


In honor of Mediaplanet´s 10th anniversary, we have invested in a “Village Upliftment Program” in India. That means that we will support an entire village in the south of India during two years. Our choice fell on the Hand in Hand foundation since it focuses on educating women to become entrepreneurs. One third of India’s population, about 300 million people, live in extreme poverty. Women are the most exposed as they have no education, perform about 80% of the work, eat the least and last of all family members. Few of these women escapes poverty. It is with these women in focus that Hand in Hand operates and educates in help to self help.


In five years time Hand in Hand has managed to engage more than 750 thousand poor women, taught them to read, write and count. These women have been educated in simple household economy, accounting, marketing and last but not least these women now have self esteem.

The result is more than 800 thousand new family businesses and more than one million jobs created. For the over one billion people living in poverty, a job is the first step towards a more secure and healthy future.


Mediaplanet’s donation to Hand in Hand will support an Indian village for two years. The village has about 1-2 thousand inhabitants and Hand in Hand will make sure to educate 200 women in this village in entrepreneurship. Out of those 200 women, half of them will start their own business which often results in more than doubled family income. All children will be taken out of poverty and put in school, all villagers gets access to internet and receives a basic IT education, everyone is offered six health checks by

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professional doctors and waste management and water cleaning projects are established. Mediaplanet will follow this village during these two years, we will receive reports every six months to keep constant track of the development of the village, as well as visit the village to follow up on our investment.

“We are very proud to have taken this step into the future, to help bring people out of poverty and into the future comes natural to us. The basics of Hand in Hand is to help people help themselves and it is with the same philosophy that we work with Mediaplanet on a daily basis.“

-Rustan Panday and Richard Båge, founders of Mediaplanet

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