19 June 12:22

These 26 Topics Are What You Should Write About If You Are A Healthcare Company

When you’re in healthcare content marketing, the whole world is your potential audience at some time or another. But as, you know, there’s also a ton of competition out there and the range of potential topics is daunting.
By Mediaplanet Creative Team

What can a healthcare company focus on to get a competitive edge online? You can’t exactly cover every topic under the sun, and it would be a waste of your resources to do so. But if want to you narrow your focus and use your content team well, what should you cover? Food? Diet? Prevention? Wellness?

Figuring out which topics will give you the upper hand is a bit daunting. But fortunately, the good folks over at Ceralytics have made it easier. They’ve written up a new report that reveals the content topics making the biggest impact in the healthcare market in 2018.

As you probably know, the company’s platform helps users uncover topics that drive awareness, engagement and conversions on a particular company's website, and lets them identify how that company is positioned against the competition. This is helpful when you want to get a leg up on one of your competitors, but what about the whole industry? 

Ceralytics used its own tools to analyze 3.3 million social shares from nine of the largest and most prominent consumer-focused healthcare content creators, including Mayo Clinic, CVS, Aetna, United Healthcare, HCA Today, Kaiser Health News, Cleveland Clinic, Kindred Healthcare (a Convince & Convert client) and Norton Healthcare. All told, the articles that were shared contained an astounding 16,000 topics. Ceralytics then factored in web traffic and search engine popularity and narrowed the list down to the 26 most popular topics.

It’s extremely useful information when you’re looking to create a fresh and effective content plan. Scroll down to see it and start planning — and if you need help actually writing your content, feel free to reach out to us.

The 26 Best Performing Topics In The Health Industry Based On Traffic And Engagement

  1. Heart disease (95k social shares out of 3.3 million)
  2.  Diet (82k social shares)
  3. Tips (focusing mostly on weight loss and pain)
  4. Recipes (top performing recipe? Brussels sprouts!) 
  5. Pain (performs well in social sharing, less so in search)
  6. Brain
  7. Symptoms
  8. Women
  9. Stress
  10. Stroke
  11. Health
  12. Truth
  13. Heart attack
  14. Blood sugar
  15. Children
  16. Diabetes
  17. Foods
  18. Heart
  19. Weight loss
  20. Adults
  21. Sleep
  22. Smoking
  23. High blood pressure
  24. Blood pressure
  25. Americans
  26. Drugs
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