Mediaplanet to launch new digital business

On April 2nd, The Mediaplanet Group will take its successful print concept online with Conversionplanet, a new digital business launching in New York.

In today’s advertising-saturated world, it can be hard to get noticed.  Conversionplanet believes web readers aren’t looking for more advertisements; they’re looking for engaging, relevant content.

Conversionplanet turns your brand’s message into news and brings that news to your desired audience.  First, we create a customized Editorial Platform for our client, a microsite consisting of 15 – 20 relevant articles marrying a mix of our journalists’ ideas with client-preferred sources.

To ensure the microsite gets the audience it deserves, we’ve partnered with the nation’s leading newspapers including New York Daily News, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and more.  On these sites we run our Dynamic News Feed, a space designed to resemble an “Editor’s Pick” section where we can promote the Editorial Platform’s content with headlines and photos.  From our office, we can monitor the click-through rate in real time and change the headlines and images to maximize traffic to the site.

We guarantee a click-through rate that is at least three times higher than traditional online display advertising.   For more information, visit Conversionplanet or email