Founders’ Story

It has been ten years since Mediaplanet’s inception, and the world’s largest brands have now caught on to the effectiveness of content marketing. Below Mediaplanet’s founders share how their simple concept grew into an international company.

Mediaplanet’s first office in New York, 2007

Mediaplanet's International Headquarters, 2012









Mediaplanet was founded in Stockholm in 2002 by two Swedish entrepreneurs, Richard Båge and Rustan Panday.  It was born from a simple but unique idea: What if we could offer companies the chance to advertise in a niche editorial environment with the reach of the daily press?  Wouldn’t their advertisements be more impactful when aligned with relevant, action-oriented articles?

The Print Expansion

The international expansion first began in 2004 when we rolled out offices in Oslo and London.  We quickly learned the concept worked in every country, in any language, and the European expansion continues to this day.  In 2007 we broke ground in New York.  What started in a dingy, windowless office in Soho has since grown to a five office operation.  This year we start the journey on a new continent, in Sydney, Australia.

In 2009 we refined our design and renewed our commitment to editorial quality by expanding our journalist network, collaborating with impressive sources and educating our now global team on the importance of editorial excellence.  We’ve since distributed our reports in the world’s most prestigious publications, interviewed hundreds of celebrities and featured exclusive interviews with leading experts in the fields of health, lifestyle, business, technology and corporate social responsibility.

As our publications developed, our client portfolio grew and more and more brands caught onto the power of advertising amongst high quality, reader-friendly content directly addressing the issues and themes most relevant to the sector.

The Concept Goes Digital

In 2009 we brought our concept online with the birth of Online Video, an exciting digital platform that allows companies to advertise in brief educational videos produced with industry experts and distributed through highly-trafficked web sites.  Richard and Rustan’s narrow focus/wide distribution concept proved scalable once again, and Online Video has since opened in Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich and continues to grow.  Our newest digital offering launches in New York this April with Conversionplanet, an exciting new business founded on the notion that web readers aren’t looking for advertisements–they’re looking for news.  We turn clients’ messages into news and bring that news to their target audience.

Today we operate from more than 25 offices, 17 countries, and three continents and boast nearly 400 employees.  Although we are proud of our growth, of where we’ve been and where we’re going, we are not satisfied.  We will continue to open new markets, launch new businesses, and share the effectiveness of Richard and Rustan’s novel concept with companies around the world.  (Below L: Richard Båge, R: Rustan Panday)