We turn interest into action

Our award-winning content is distributed via the world's most iconic print, digital, mobile and social channels and strategically created to inspire our readers to take action.

What is content marketing?

It is the art of creating and distributing relevant content to your audience with a clear marketing objective in mind, such as brand awareness, customer loyalty or lead generation.

But your content cannot just be about you. Identify what interests your target audience, and what keeps them up at night. Create articles, videos, infographics and slideshows that bring your audience value while positioning yourself as a thought leader and solution provider.

Consumers have never had more means of avoiding interruptive advertising. Content marketing allows you to engage your audience with high quality, relevant information they will actually choose to consume.

Print Campaigns

We create the reports in partnership with the industry’s leading subject matter experts — from high profile celebrities to the most respected companies — and distribute them in the world’s most respected newspapers. Our team specializes in creating straightforward, educational content in an easy-to-read and engaging format.

We partner with leading news and lifestyle sites and prestigious newspapers to find your target audience and distribute our content via our network of niche sites to interested readers. Additionally, we employ a unique social media strategy to connect your content with interested readers. 

Our partners include: 

•    USA Today
•    Washington Post
•    LA Times
•    San Francisco Chronicle

In addition to partnering with newspapers, we distribute our reports at relevant conferences and industry events, and online via our portfolio of niche web sites. Our stimulating editorial environment motivates readers to act - to do something about their problems and challenges. Our distribution channels are the most effective means for connecting our customers with their targeted audience.

In short, we turn engaged readers into customers by turning interest into action.

Digital Campaigns

Mediaplanet’s portfolio of niche web sites carries the same high quality content from the industry’s leading experts as the print campaigns. In many cases, readers will also find extended content and additional features on the sites, which enhance and enrich the user-experience and create a stronger connection between the content and the audience.

Our sites are comprised of a strategic balance of long-form and bite-sized content, all optimized for sharing. The sites offer a great platform for interaction, whether that is through social channels, forums, or the use of interactive features.

As an integrated part of the sites we offer our clients a unique array of advertising and sponsorship opportunities, that is content marketing at its best. By using print reports and niche web sites side-by-side we offer every client the opportunity to launch a wide-reaching campaign with a targeted online audience.