Want to be heard? Say it with Mediaplanet! Below is a sampling of positive feedback we’ve received from our various clients, partners and readers.

Satisfied Clients

“The Kidney Health Report went well above and beyond our expectations. The response we’ve received from being in it is phenomenal. We were able to target people suffering from kidney disease, their families and medical professionals who treat them. We’re so glad to be included in it. I’d also like to thank you for your excellent customer service and follow through from start to finish. Thank you for helping to make this piece such a success for us.”

April Stevens • Director of Communications, Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating


“We have gotten some very positive feedback on our participation in the Prostate Cancer Report that was featured in the Washington Post last month. The Department of Radiation Oncology has been receiving calls from potential patients asking questions and requesting appointments. The chair of the department, as well as the operations manager, could not be happier. It is rare that the marketing department gets a call from a Chair regarding a media buy.  We are constantly running print advertising in various publications, including regional magazines, newspapers, etc., and although we could be getting patients from these ads, we are certainly not getting patients coming in saying that they saw an article in the Post and want to learn more. When signing on with Mediaplanet, my only objective was to help our institution and physicians to gain exposure on a national level since most of our advertising was regional. What I didn’t expect, was for patient volumes to increase and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Denise I. Papathakis, M.A. • Marketing Manager, University of Maryland Medical Center


“We got a great response to the Investing in Women report (I’m not surprised)! Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm for CARE! We love working with you.”

Sarah Moser • Communications Manager, CARE


“The issue looks great! I love that we are adjacent to editorial about workforce training/education. Thanks for bringing us such a great opportunity!”

Melissa Ackerman • School of Continuing Studies, Northwestern University


“Our client Verizon was introduced to a Smartphone Report put together by our friends at Mediaplanet that covered the emerging proliferation of smartphones into the current mainstream and we were very happy with the results. Mediaplanet was very helpful in getting our client’s special needs and requests fulfilled without question.”

Eyal Karpman • Print Negotiator, Zenithmedia

Editorial Partners

“GREAT report! Your presentation covers the bases in clear and easy to understand thoughts and language. This will impact the lives of every diabetic who reads it. Mediaplanet deserves high praise for addressing the diabetes issue.. . And, thank you for not making it another boring and ineffective scientific explanation of what diabetes is. Again, kudos to you, Wendy Taylor [Mediaplanet journalist] for great writing AND accuracy (not as common as you would think), and, obviously, your staff for putting this wonderful piece together. I am proud to have been a part of it.”

Andrew P. Mandell • Executive Director, Defeat Diabetes Foundation


“When I opened my Washington Post this morning and found this supplement I was so thrilled! What a magnificent supplement! We can’t thank you enough. Our members will be so impressed with this—particularly because it has been dropped in the laps of Washington officials. It is phenomenal visibility for organic.”

Christine Bushway • Executive Director & CEO, Organic Trade Association


“We just saw the Pregnancy Wellness Report online and LOVE IT! We are thrilled and incredibly grateful for the opportunity you gave us to reach 1.6 million readers with our positive, evidence-based message! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We salute the whole Mediaplanet team and look forward to future opportunities to support the health of parents and babies.”

Bettina Forbes, CLC • Co-Founder & President, Best for Babes Foundation


“Our team is going to frame the Blood Health story for Niki [Taylor]. It’s so perfect that someone who has been on so many magazine covers can be on one that reflects her dedication to the cause. It’s such a great piece and symbolic of the results her efforts have inspired.”

Steve Schonberg • Laforce + Stevens


“The issue looks phenomenal and we are thrilled to begin passing it around to our members. The cover looks amazing and I am so glad the photo worked out, it is stunning.”

Jenny Starkey • Communications Manager, Engineers Without Borders


“The supplement is fantastic! We blasted it out everywhere today and have received great feedback from our members and staff. It’s amazing how we finally are getting pharmacy “on the map” so-to-speak. Thank you very much for the opportunity to bring pharmacy into the spotlight.  Hopefully we’ll work together again.”

Chrissy Kopple • Vice President, Media Relations, National Association of Chain Drug Stores


Inspired Readers

“I teach social studies at Washington Junior High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Our librarian just gave me the copy of the Investing in Women & Girls supplement. Wow, this is amazing. I team teach with an English teacher and we have the students reading “Sold, Three Cups of Tea,” and other books dealing with the treatment of women and girls on our planet. This supplement will be a wonderful addition. Am I able to get extra copies of this?”

Dennis Larsen • Teacher, Manitowoc, WI


“I’m writing to you to express our sincere appreciation for the Mediaplanet issue on Alzheimer’s Disease (April 2011). It has been a tremendous resource to our efforts to plan for a fall 2011 conference on the subject of memory loss. We would very much like to have additional copies of this issue to share with others.”

Ron Beford • Executive Director, Interfaith Health & Hope Coalition


“Loved your magazine on Pregnancy Wellness.  Each article was so educational. I would like to share these articles with people who don’t have access to your magazine.”

Juan Quinones • Reader


“Someone had forwarded me a link to your Oral Health report. We are a new support group and I was wondering if it were possible to receive hard copies of your issues for our support group. As you may/may not know, there just isn’t a lot of information regarding oral health much less oral cancers and when we can see it in front of us, it makes us more aware of it.”

Wanda Hodge • Reader


“The Organic Living supplement in Thursday’s Daily News was fascinating and I’m curious to know if you intend to print future editions and how frequently.”

Aaron Pattap • Reader


“Thank you so much for the article “Pulmonary Hypertension at a glance,” as well as the other articles regarding this disease, in your December 2011 issue of Mediaplanet.  I was diagnosed almost five years ago with pulmonary hypertension… I would like to help get the word out, and would like more information on how I could organize a support group here in the Greater Nashville area…”

Cynthia S. Brown  • Author/Speaker