Online Video

Our proven print concept goes digital!

Over 90 percent of your potential customers search for product information on the Internet prior to making a decision about what and from whom to buy.   With the help of well-known, credible experts we create brief, educational videos based on the topics and themes your company wants to be aligned with.  We give advertisers the chance to run brief commercials before, during or after the program, and then locate these videos on sites that we know your target groups visit on a daily basis.

With our Online Video platform we answer the viewers’ questions in ways not possible with traditional, static media channels.  With appealing topics, credible sources and a solution-oriented editorial content, we motivate the viewers to act. A successful Mediaplanet Online Video episode makes your potential new customer think: “I just have to do something about this.”  For example, “I have to make fish for dinner, it’s healthy and tasty”; or “I have to try surfing this summer – it looks like so much fun.”


High quality

  • Independent, niche  and high quality audio-visual content
  • Professional production value


  • We work with our clients to create content that aligns with their message
  • Clients can suggest experts and locations
  • Clients are given two opportunities to provide feedback throughout the production process


  • The episode will be placed on a quality network of websites
  • This network will have a high daily reach
  • This network will reach your preferred target audience

Limited time commitment

  • We will facilitate the whole process from start to end

Online Video has proven itself as the fastest growing online segment to achieve an increase in visitors, a longer stay and a higher retention of viewers.  We provide a strong increase in the value of available advertising space on the site, especially around the video player and the ability to generate direct income with our ‘pay-per-viewer’ construction.

How Does it Work

Online Video programs are produced by Mediaplanet Online and financed by advertisements. Per show, we feature a maximum of three commercial moments in the form of a pre-roll, overlay banner and post-roll, each lasting 5 to 7 seconds.  The episodes are distributed through a network of highly-trafficked websites, creating an unique communication platform with a highly targeted audience.

Latest digital projects

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