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Why Content Marketing Is a Small Business’s Secret Weapon

Here’s why no small business can afford to overlook content marketing.
By Jackie Lisk

For small businesses competing with larger brands, content marketing is an incredible tool for leveling the playing field. It can help you garner brand awareness, build trust, demonstrate credibility, and create a distinct and memorable brand persona.

Companies of all sizes need content marketing, but for small and medium-sized businesses, content is particularly critical. Here are three reasons why every small business needs to invest in a content marketing strategy.


1. Content marketing is more cost-effective than other marketing tactics

Every business is on a budget. Who doesn’t want to do more with less? But for small business marketers, deriving the most value possible from every dollar spent is especially important. Most likely, you will never outspend your much-larger competitors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn a fair share of your target audience’s attention, and, ultimately, their spend.

Content marketing generates more than three times as many leads as outbound tactics and it costs 62 percent less. It is even more cost-effective than search marketing, according to recent research. Creating content is one of the best ways to improve your search ranking, thus increasing organic traffic to your website. (To stretch your marketing dollar as far as possible, check out these 5 tips.)


2. Content marketing lets you make your own news

Larger companies may invest in elaborate PR strategies that allow them to earn media, but digital media has facilitated the democratization of information sharing. Companies can share their own news and thought leadership pieces via their blogs, social media channels, partners, and niche publications. An enlightened content marketing strategy can even garner national headlines. Look at Casper – a challenger brand that continues to make waves in the mattress world for its creative content marketing strategies.  

Content marketing is a way for you to control your messaging. And with the right distribution channel, particularly one that leverages the power of influencer marketing, you can deliver that messaging directly into the hands of your target audience.


3. Content marketing helps you establish your unique value proposition and build relationships

Why should a customer choose your brand instead of a larger or more experienced competitor? Is it because you are more affordable or easier to work with? Perhaps your product or service is different or better. Or maybe it is because your customers simply like your brand better than the big guys. They relate to your company and its messaging. Whatever the reason, you have got to make it clear. For many small businesses, storytelling is a critical part of their strategy and a means for differentiating themselves. Content marketing is a way to weave that story.

One of the reasons people prefer small businesses to larger enterprises is because it can be easier to build a relationship. Customers feel understood and valued. Content marketing is a critical relationship-building tool. Small businesses can deepen relationships with prospects and existing customers by consistently sharing high-quality articles, infographics, and videos on their own channels (blogs, social media, email newsletters), and via others, using tactics like guest blog posts, earned thought leadership opportunities, and sponsored content.

High-quality content marketing, specifically sponsored content, often comes with a hefty price tag that smaller companies can’t afford. At Mediaplanet, we take great pride in our ability to help organizations of all sizes and budgets harness the power of content marketing via our targeted content campaigns.

We create content campaigns that cover the trends and challenges across a wide range of industries, from personal health to technology to business to education to a host of cause-related topics. Our aim is to find the partners who are as passionate about these issues as we are, and who can deliver true value to our readers in the form of educational and/or inspiring content. Our omnichannel campaigns feature content and ads from industry leaders, influencers, and industry giants, as well as from start-ups and smaller companies that have stories to tell.

For more information about how content marketing can help your small business compete with the big guys, reach out to Mediaplanet today.


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