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Great Social Media Examples For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Donna Nuriel

Social Media and Content Marketing are two marketing strategies, both equal in importance that rely on one another. READ MORE ►

The Secrets to Effective Content Marketing for the B2B Industry

Jacqueline Lisk

B2B companies know they need content marketing. What they may not know is why some B2B companies report fantastic content marketing results while others seem to struggle. Let’s take a look at the B2B content marketing “secret sauce.” READ MORE ►

The Top 5 Tips on How to Write the Best B2B LinkedIn Headlines in the World

Olle Pettersson

Creating content for LinkedIn can be a great tool to build your audience and strengthen your brand. But to make sure it’s worth your effort, this article will guide you through a quick ‘how to’ to getting your audience’s attention through headlines. READ MORE ►

The 5 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Jacqueline Lisk

There is a lot out there about when and why content marketing works, but just as important is to consider when and why it doesn’t. Read on for the 5 most common content marketing mistakes. READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet Group forms Europe’s largest content marketing group

Mediaplanet Group announces today that it has acquired all shares in N365 Group (formerly nyheter365). The acquisition means that Mediaplanet Group is creating Europe's largest content marketing media group, with the aim of continuing its expansion. READ MORE ►

How 5 Brands Use Mediaplanet To Supercharge Their Content Marketing

Jacqueline Lisk

We hate to name-drop, but sometimes you just have to. These big-brand content marketing examples showcase what Mediaplanet does best – rally industry influencers, relevant businesses and interested readers around hot topics. READ MORE ►

How Content Marketing Actually Works

Jacqueline Lisk

Content marketing is many things, but it isn’t magic. Let’s get serious about what content marketing requires and the type of results marketers can expect from consistently producing, distributing, and amplifying high-quality content. (And yes, there’s a reason for the bearded man – keep on reading and you will find out why) READ MORE ►

Branded Content vs. Sponsored Content

Olle Pettersson

So, this can be very confusing… The two terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Let's try to sort it out – what's the difference? READ MORE ►

Best Content Marketing of 2016

Jacqueline Lisk

Check out these remarkable content marketing examples for inspiration that will help you take your next campaign from “good” to “great.” READ MORE ►

Content Marketing vs Native Advertising

Olle Pettersson

Two players are ruling the digital world, content marketing and native advertising. Let's sort it out – what is the difference? And who has the highest ROI? READ MORE ►

Changing The Marketing Game: The Millennial Effect

Jacqueline Lisk

Brands better understand the millennial mind or risk losing out to competitors that do. READ MORE ►

Why Content Marketing Is The New Branding

Olle Pettersson

Branding isn't your logo, your tagline or your name. Branding is building trust and a longterm relationship with your customers. Content marketing is one of the branding solutions that will lead you to success. READ MORE ►

Health Care Content Marketing: 3 Simple Rules to Follow

Jacqueline Lisk

Health care marketers, take notice! This is your chance to step up and stand out, to provide something your customers are asking for and to serve a true need, all while distinguishing yourself from others in the space and humanizing your brand. READ MORE ►

The New Year’s Resolutions Every Content Marketer Must Make

Jacqueline Lisk

New year, same you? Not quite. These resolutions will help you improve the quality of your content marketing and, in turn, drive better results for your business. READ MORE ►

Why Your Business Needs Influencer Marketing

Jacqueline Lisk

Influencer marketing isn’t just for millennial audiences. Here is why every business can benefit from adopting influencer marketing principals. READ MORE ►

Print Is Not Dead: Why Content Marketers Need Print Strategies

Jacqueline Lisk

Everyone knows digital media has exploded and print circulation is in decline, but marketers who buy into the mistaken notion that print is dead and buried are doing themselves a disservice and missing out on a very real and, ironically, novel way to connect with their target audience.   READ MORE ►

5 Tips For Making Your Content Marketing Stand Out

Jacqueline Lisk

What’s the point in investing in content if no one engages with it? Here’s how to create exceptional content—content that your audience will actually want to read, watch or listen to, even as the sea of competing content continues to expand. READ MORE ►

The Social Media News Every Content Marketer Must Know

Jacqueline Lisk

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat have all announced changes that affect content marketers. Here’s your cheat sheet. READ MORE ►

7 Stellar Examples of Creative Content Marketing Videos

Jacqueline Lisk

Video is the fastest-growing advertising trend, and brands big and small are using it to promote everything from sneakers to, ahem, Squatty Potties. READ MORE ►

What We Learned When Attending Content Marketing World 2016

Donna Nuriel

Each year it arrives and each year it seems to get bigger and bigger. The largest content marketing event in the world has come and gone and we’d like to give you the inside scoop on how it went from our perspective. Spoiler alert: it was great! READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet is switching gears with new majority owner

Priveq is investing in and becoming the majority owner of Mediaplanet. The investment is made while Mediaplanet has undergone a major digital transformation from being a company focused on print, into a modern media company that offers the entire value chain of content marketing solutions. READ MORE ►

Is Content Marketing the Same as Inbound Marketing?

Jacqueline Lisk

If you're confused between the two terms, don't be. We've all been there... READ MORE ►

Inc. Magazine: Mediaplanet Will Help You Create Quality Content and Save Your Marketing

Donna Nuriel

Inc. Magazine, the premier publisher that focuses on top U.S. companies and brands, published an intriguing piece on “Why Content Marketing Works and What Can Help You Do It Right” earlier this month, an article that addresses the need for businesses to restructure their marketing efforts and focus on adding content marketing to their overall marketing efforts. The article lists a small handful of companies excelling at facilitating content marketing campaigns for brands and Mediaplanet was listed as one of them. READ MORE ►

5 Tips for Maximizing a Limited Content Marketing Budget

Jacqueline Lisk

Content marketing’s benefits are numerous — lead generation, improved SEO, and demonstration of thought leadership, just to name a few — but it is undeniably an investment. READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet on top of Forbes list

Forbes has listed six content marketing resources brands should be aware of. In the top of the list, you find Mediaplanet. READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet was awarded six times at the 2016 Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications. Mediaplanet USA won six prestigious awards for their published content that includes campaigns as a whole, specific articles and two infographics. READ MORE ►

Everything Brands Need to Know About Ad-Blockers

Jacqueline Lisk

Today it’s as easy to avoid online advertisements as it is for a New Yorker to avoid the lights and congestion of Times Square. But what does this mean for brands? READ MORE ►

Our 5 Top-Performing Health Stories of 2015

Jacqueline Lisk

For almost a decade, we’ve been helping you think about health in a healthier way. READ MORE ►

Say It Quick, Say It Well: How Content Marketing Changed the PR Industry

Jacqueline Lisk

Modern marketers must cater their messaging to a generation of consumers who expect quick fixes and instant gratification . READ MORE ►

Why Marriott Became a Global Content Marketing Company

Jacqueline Lisk

Last September, Marriott International announced the launch of its global content marketing studio. In just one year, it has produced a sea of digital content, web episodes, influencer collaborations and original short films. READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet Recruits Elin Askfelt as Chief Digital Officer

Ann-Kathrin Kommert

In line with Mediaplanet International’s increased focus on and investments in its digital offer, the group is strengthening its international management team with the recruitment of Elin Askfelt as Chief Digital Officer. READ MORE ►

A Glimpse Inside the Mediaplanet Newsroom

Hungry for more content? Take a behind the scenes look at our fall/winter editorial calendar. READ MORE ►

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Jacqueline Lisk

There are no shortcuts, but these steps will help you devise a content marketing plan that actually drives action. READ MORE ►

What Live Streaming Means for Content Marketing

Jacqueline Lisk

Should your business be live streaming? Let’s take a closer look at the emerging practice and consider how and when it could impact your content marketing plan. READ MORE ►

Mediaplanet Scores Triple Victory at 2015 Communicator Awards

Mediaplanet USA came away from the 21st Annual Communicator Awards with three awards in two categories, marking a continued, team-wide commitment to delivering high-quality content marketing campaigns. READ MORE ►

What's Next: 20 Trending Topics We're Covering in 2015

We’ve spent the past few months linking arms with a diverse group of leaders and innovators in an effort to shake up the content marketing industry. Are you ready for what’s next?  READ MORE ►

Effective Content Marketing: 5 Publishing Experts Share Their Best Tips

Jacqueline Lisk

Content marketing is a widely embraced tactic, yet businesses of all sizes lack confidence in their strategies—and rightfully so. Fewer than 40 percent of marketers are effective with their content marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 benchmark study. READ MORE ►

5 Tips for Creating More Shareable Content

Step 1: Invest in the creation of quality content.  Step 2: Distribute aforementioned quality content to your target audience. Sounds simple, right?  Wrong.  READ MORE ►

How to Land the Content Marketing Job of Your Dreams

Most companies receive thousands of resumes weekly. Sifting through them is a time-consuming task, so hiring directors need to be skilled at weeding out the “no ways” and flagging the “must calls.” Here are a few tips for making sure yours lands in the right pile. READ MORE ►

What Marketers Need to Know about Snapchat in 2015

Jacqueline Lisk

Snapchat is a simple platform that’s proven vastly popular with millennials. It now boasts about 100 million monthly users (some even suspect it’s closer to 200 million), who share about 700 million messages a day. READ MORE ►

Pumping Positivity into the Community

Aric Jenkins

Six brave team members volunteered their veins as they donated blood at a local blood center as a follow up to January’s National Blood Donation Month. READ MORE ►

6 Keys to Cracking Viral Content

Melinda Cartensen

Contrary to what some brands may think, generating viral content requires, above all, figuring out what makes users feel compelled to share rather than just click. If you think about some of the content that struck fire on social media in 2014, that fact becomes crystal-clear.

7 Content Marketing Insights for a Successful Strategy in 2015

Cindy Riley

Content marketing is a fresh approach businesses can explore to capitalize on the way consumers make buying decisions today. 

6 Reasons Why Your Marketing Initiatives Need to Include a Social Media Strategy

Donna Nuriel

Whether in a meeting with your CMO, out to lunch with clients or even in casual water cooler talk with colleagues, the topic of social media almost always comes up in conversation, especially when putting together marketing strategies and outreach initiatives for your business or brand. But, what does it all mean and where is the value?

The Best Content Marketing of 2014

Jacqueline Lisk

Brands will continue to invest in content marketing this year, relying on the strategy to raise awareness about their offerings and engage their target audience.  In fact, 70 percent of marketers plan to increase their spending on social media ads, often a pillar of their content marketing strategy, according to a recent survey by Salesforce.

Mediaplanet Continues to Heighten the Value of Quality Content with the Acquisition of Appelberg

Mediaplanet International has signed an agreement to acquire all of the shares in Appelberg, one of Sweden’s largest providers of content marketing. READ MORE ►

5 Holiday Content Marketing Tips

’Tis the season to be jolly and to ramp up your marketing efforts. Consumers spend more around the holidays than at any other time of the year. In 2013, Americans spent $602 billion — a figure that’s expected to increase by eight percent this year.

Locked and Loaded: A Glance at Our 2015 Editorial Calendar


Are you ready for 2015? We are! Mediaplanet is gearing up for another action-packed year with a wide array of campaigns distributed via the world's most iconic print, digital, mobile and social channels.

The Godfather of Content Marketing Shares Tips, Predictions and What Not to Do

Jacqueline Lisk

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute and author of Epic Content Marketing, is regarded as one of the industry’s earliest evangelists.  We welcomed the chance to get his take on the future of the industry, and we share his determination to help brands realize that content should be an important asset of every organization.

Behind Mediaplanet’s Star-Studded Social Media Strategy

Jacqueline Lisk

Social media has literally changed the world. With 1.9 billion social networks users on the planet, social media has become an integral component of savvy marketers’ distribution strategies - yours truly’s included.


B2B Businesses Embrace Content Marketing but Need Help with Their Efforts

Jacqueline Lisk

It’s no surprise that 93 percent of B2B businesses use content marketing. Content is an effective way to engage and communicate with your target audience. Thing is, creating effective, engaging content isn’t easy. Companies, especially small businesses, need help. Let’s take a look at the benefits of B2B content marketing and the challenges that come along with it.


How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Content Marketing Efforts

Jacqueline Lisk

Businesses are spending nearly $44 billion on content marketing, according to the Custom Content Council. Companies are realizing that high quality content is an effective way to communicate and engage with their target audience. But many struggle to determine whether or not their efforts are working.


Mediaplanet Partners with Hand in Hand

We frequently report on the charitable efforts of others.  Inspired by our partners, we decided to give back, too. READ MORE ►

Giving Back: An Interview with Rustan Panday

In just one year, our contribution has made a significant difference. Rustan Panday, one of Mediaplanet’s founders, recently visited the village with his family. READ MORE ►

Why the Publishing World is Going Native

Lately, it seems as if nearly the entire publishing world has gone native.  The majority of online publishers, including prestigious news sites like The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, now offer native advertising options.  READ MORE ►

What's Brewing: A Glance at Our Editorial Calendar

We’re gearing up for another action-packed quarter with print and digital opportunities spanning four newspapers and extensive online distribution.  READ MORE ►

5 Emerging Content Marketing Tips

It’s hard to be a marketer these days. Keeping up with consumers’ rapidly changing content consumption habits can prove challenging, let alone staying on top of the latest tech breakthroughs and newest social platforms. READ MORE ►

What We Learned from the Year's Most Creative Brands

As the first half of the year is almost over, we figured now is as good a time as any for some reflection.  Here’s a look at five brands behind some of the year’s most innovative content and social marketing campaigns.  No matter what your budget, you can learn from their best practices.  Read on for the winners, and the applicable tips they inspired. READ MORE ►

7 Things the Airline Industry Can Teach You About Content Marketing

Pan American World Airways wasn’t just the U.S.’ largest international air carrier for more than 60 years — it was also the first airline to ever introduce an in-flight magazine. Today, more than 150 of these pervasive publications are created around the globe, by airlines big and small. READ MORE ►