Social Media and Content Marketing are two marketing strategies, both equal in importance that rely on one another.

Every great marketing campaign needs kick-ass quality content that is backed by an even greater distribution strategy to get said content out to the right people. People who will actually read it, be amused by it, share it and eventually buy the product or service you’re selling. Social Media is one of the great distribution avenues at EVERYONE’S disposal that can work wonders for your content, if done right.


Before giving big kudos to the ones doing it right, we must mention that when exploring social media as a distribution channel for your content, you must understand why people are on those platforms to begin with and what will get them to engage, follow your page and the big one… click to read your content.


Most social users are on their platforms looking for entertainment. They’re not usually looking to buy a product or even read an informative piece of content. They want updates on what their friends are doing plus some good ol’ fashion laughs, grins and reprieve from the daily grind. So, how do businesses use these platforms to pique interest? It’s a blend of great imagery/design, knowing who your audience is and consistency.







Expedia’s main business is to sell flights and hotel accommodations, but they do have some tough competition out there. One of the nice ways they stand out on social is through enticing user generated content and consistency. When promoting their app, Trover, they fetch content from their users and release each week a “Discovery of the week” post linking back to the app’s landing page with even more interesting and beautifully curated content. Well done!


Eli Lilly and Company



Lilly is one of our favorite examples of unexpected companies just checking off all the boxes. Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company and while many may automatically lean towards a certain negative stigma the pharma industries carry now-a-days, Lilly manages to BEAUTIFULLY humanize their brand on their Facebook page with consistent posts focusing on their individual employees. They regularly showcase their commitment to employee community outreach and engagement through professional and wonderfully developed videos and imagery, showing they are committed as a company to a better world. BIG KUDOS!







Guys, we are talking about an email marketing automation service. This is bananas (rightfully so as their brand mascot is a chimp). Their Instagram is just…wow. Consistent, visually breathtaking and they perfectly know who their audience is, marketers who appreciate that extra bit of creativity and inspiration. Fun fact: Mediaplanet uses Mailchimp and we can say that their messaging is creatively consistent throughout their different social channels as well as their web pages, including their member login page!





Talkspace, a mental health help organization, uses Instagram as a platform to speak directly to their user group in a consistent and inspiring way. Because these individuals oftentimes are faced with tough issues, Talkspace uses Instagram as a place to inspire and relate. Design wise, Talkspace follows a consistent color palate that resonates with their brand colors and even creates inspirational quotes from their own therapists that are turned into shareables!




General Electric



GE, one of the largest tech, product and innovations companies on the planet has mastered the art of snackable videos. Most of the company’s Twitter feed consists of beautifully curated videos that precisely explain the company’s initiatives, products and new releases in mostly under 2 minutes. According to digital marketing solutions company, WordStream,  82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter and one-third of online activity is spent watching video altogether. With this being said, we can definitely state that GE has their audience and their content in check. Note: if you’re interested in creating videos like these, Mediaplanet can help. Here are a few of the ones we’ve worked on recently.





The other largest tech, product and innovations company on the planet, Cisco, shows off their products and technology through celebrating awareness days that are in-line with their products and their brand messaging. Their tweets are fun and interactive with their followers in that “techie”, “nerdy”, “Albert Einstein-smart” kind of way – directly speaking to them while establishing their brand identity as being one of these techie innovators. They, like GE, curate snackable videos as well to share on their social platforms like Twitter. In fact, Mediaplanet worked directly with Cisco to help create one of these great videos showcasing a new innovative technology that is helping to advance our education systems across the country – Cisco Spark! Check it out here!


Moral of this story is: With social media you want to always keep in mind the question: “what can I talk about or share with my followers that will get them to engage?” Chances are if you have a well-thought out design concept, consistent messaging, and know exactly who you’re speaking to, you will do great. Remember to always have fun, this is social media after all!


If you’d like to know more about how Mediaplanet works with brands to supercharge their content marketing efforts, be sure to contact us!