We hate to name-drop, but sometimes you just have to. These big-brand content marketing examples showcase what Mediaplanet does best – rally industry influencers, relevant businesses and interested readers around hot topics.

Our business model was ahead of its time. Since Mediaplanet’s inception in Stockholm in 2002, we have understood the power of strategic, high-quality content and influencer marketing.

From the get-go, we created independent supplements about niche topics – think diabetes, green energy, or entrepreneurship – and distributed them within leading newspapers nationwide. The content was written by our journalists, who worked with our sponsors to fully understand the industry, and to be sure we covered the subject matter that mattered most to our readers and to our sponsors.   

It was content marketing before content marketing was a thing.

Over the last 15 years, Mediaplanet has evolved from a print publishing house to an integrated content marketing powerhouse with deep digital marketing expertise.

Humble brag alert: What sets us apart is our ability to pair the right leaders with the right readers through the right platforms. These five examples will show you what we mean.

  1. Cisco, Education Technology
  2. One of the main reasons Cisco joined our Education Technology campaign recently was to promote Cisco Spark, its new technology tool that links classrooms from all over the globe, making education more interactive for students.

    Its sponsored article on the connected classroom ran in our print edition, which was distributed in USA Today, and online, on our Education and Career News digital content platform. The article was shared more than 100 times on social media and included a custom sponsored video created by Mediaplanet’s independent videographers of Cisco Spark in action, which was viewed more than 380 times on Mediaplanet’s YouTube channel and more than 1.5k on our Facebook page.

    The result? Approximately 2,900 targeted readers for Cisco during the article’s release, who each spent an average of 63 seconds with the content. And that is not counting all of the USA Today readers who received hard copies of the report. (Yeah, we’re dusting our shoulder off right about now.)

  3. Sunovion, Mental Health Awareness
  4. Pharmaceutical leader Sunovion saw Mediaplanet’s Mental Health Awareness campaign as a chance to get the word out about a documentary it worked on with advocacy groups and singer-songwriter Demi Lovato. The company took an unbranded approach, promoting the project itself rather than a corporate message. (Way to keep a low-profile!)

    We ran trailers for the documentary alongside strategic content: an exclusive interview with “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik, which garnered more than 15,000 shares on social media, and a news article about the ways in which the mainstream media helps to break down mental health stigmas

    The result? More than 23,000 targeted impressions for Sunovion’s videos. 


  5. Limeade: Employee Well-Being
  6. Smart businesses realize that by keeping their employees happy and engaged, they increase productivity and retention rates and save money on recruitment costs. A happy workforce is a better workforce. Mediaplanet took an in-depth look at this topic in our special report, Employee Well-Being, which ran in USA Today. We also distributed copies of the report at several HR industry events.

    To extend our reach online, we published content on our B2B digital content platform, Future of Business and Tech. As per usual, the sponsors and influencers who helped create the content shared links on their social media channels. (That is just how we roll.)

    Limeade, a corporate wellness technology company that offers innovative solutions for keeping a workforce happy and engaged, got involved in a few ways. It ran ads alongside strategic content, including our interview with workplace wellness advocate Arianna Huffington and our article on mental health in the workplace. It worked with Mediaplanet to create this video and sponsored article on the importance of investing in employees, which included a sign-up form for businesses interested in learning more.

    It also co-hosted our Twitter Chat, #WorkBetterChat, alongside the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).


    Here’s what happened:

    • 7,872 readers saw Limeade’s ads alongside our interview with Huffington, and 5,106 readers engaged with our mental health piece, which was shared 303 times and counting. More than 71 percent of people scrolled down to read more. (We partner with Moat to provide our clients with in-depth analytics on how users engage with content.
    • #WorkBetterChat reached more than 3.8 million people and garnered more than 15.6 million timeline impressions with 742 tweets from 131 contributors in just two hours.  
    • The campaign took on a life of its own on social media, in part thanks to Arianna Huffington sharing links across her social media channels. Her LinkedIn post alone received more than 4,400 likes and 88 comments.
  7. HSBC, Women in Business
  8. Is it time to reconsider the phrase “glass ceiling?”

    That’s the question participants put forth at the ENGAGED Forum in New York City, organized by the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and hosted by HSBC. People read all about the discussion, as well as the experiences of two ambitious women, one an exec at HSBC Bank and the other a co-founder of a tequila company, in this (well-named) sponsored article, “Forget the Glass Ceiling, Pass the Tequila.”

    HSBC also sponsored a full-page article in the print report, which was distributed in USA Today in August 2016.

    The global brand was excited by the chance to align its content with the topic, and to highlight its own female talent in the editorial. Solid goals, if we say so ourselves.

  9. ParaGard and Plan B, Sexual Health
  10. Let’s talk about sex, baby.

    To garner an engaged readership for our Sexual Health report, we took a different approach than we usually do. The majority of our campaigns are distributed in major newspapers, but this time we took a digital-first approach. Then, to bolster reach, we distributed 40,000 hard copies to health centers, LGBTQ Resource Centers, and Greek Life events at various colleges throughout the country, where the print campaign reached the exact readership it needed to.

    We credit the success to our editorial collaborators, e.g., doctors, sexologists, activists, a Cosmo “sexpert,” Refinery 29’s health editors, musicians, authors, and more. They not only helped us write our stories—they also shared them on their social media channels.

    Case in point: Rapper and YouTube star Lil Dicky discussed his partnership with Trojan condoms to help people appreciate the importance of safe sex. His piece was shared 1,400 times!

When influencers talk about sex, people listen. Via social media shares, eNewsletters, press pick-ups, and more, we garnered 28 million impressions for our stories. And people liked what they were seeing. The average scroll rate was 90 percent. For our advertisers, including ParaGard and Plan B, this meant massive ad impressions and impressive engagement rates from captivated readers.

Those are just a few snippets of how Mediaplanet rallies influencers, brands and advocates to raise awareness about niche topics, and align our advertisers’ messages with captivating content.

Ready to see for yourself? Reach out today. We will try our best not to name-drop.