Inc. Magazine, the premier publisher that focuses on top U.S. companies and brands, published an intriguing piece on “Why Content Marketing Works and What Can Help You Do It Right” earlier this month, an article that addresses the need for businesses to restructure their marketing efforts and focus on adding content marketing to their overall marketing efforts. The article lists a small handful of companies excelling at facilitating content marketing campaigns for brands and Mediaplanet was listed as one of them.

Inc. Magazine contributor, Bubba Page, begins the article by pointing out the obvious problems with traditional outbound marketing efforts, mainly display advertising and how it is not enough to occupy the full focus of a marketing campaign to garner successful results. The article goes into detail about the absurd amount of ads one person is exposed to on average in a single day and makes the point that nowadays “Consumers have never had more means of avoiding interruptive advertising” and that is why marketers need to be focusing on content. The article adds that “Content marketing allows you to engage your audience with high quality, relevant information they will actually choose to consume.”


You can read the article featuring Mediaplanet in full, here: