Priveq is investing in and becoming the majority owner of Mediaplanet. The investment is made while Mediaplanet has undergone a major digital transformation from being a company focused on print, into a modern media company that offers the entire value chain of content marketing solutions.

The rationale behind the restructuring of the ownership is that Mediaplanet wants to concentrate the ownership into a few active owners. Previously, there were a number of smaller shareholders who were not active in the company’s development in recent years. Among the larger shareholders, Olof Stenhammar and Daniel Soussan have also decided to sell their shares. The new ownership structure consists of the majority owner Priveq, the company's founders; Richard Båge and Rustan Panday, and Mediaplanet’s management.


– It feels great to have Priveq coming as an active owner. Their expertise and experience in the development of similar companies will be essential during this exciting period. We have made an incredible journey in which we have grown in sales and margins almost every year since the start in 2002. However, we can still find many areas in need of development, says Richard Båge, Founder of Mediaplanet.


When Mediaplanet was founded in 2002, it offered content marketing solutions in separate advertising sections in newspapers, as the first to use that format. Today, the company has a annual revenue of 550 million SEK and has offices in 15 countries in Europe and North America, where the US is the largest market and accounts for 20 percent of the company's revenue. Annually, the company helps 15,000 brands with the whole eco system within media buy, from concept to production, distribution and analytics.


–  Priveq’s goal is to be involved in developing Mediaplanet in the long term. We believe that the repositioning of the company to a digital focus will make it very attractive in the markets Mediaplanet is in today, and we also see opportunities in new markets in the future, says Mats Hjerpe, partner at Priveq Investment.


The annual 1,000 theme-based campaigns are produced in partnership with powerful and relevant influencers such as organizations and celebrities, and are designed to create engagement through a tailored distribution through our own and our partners’ channels in print, digital and social channels as well as events.


–  This past year, we have repositioned ourselves and we now offer a larger portfolio of products consisting of sponsored articles, video, social media activities, interactive widgets, and traditional ad formats. It gives our customers a greater opportunity to tailor their communications and build a relationship and engage with a defined target audience, says Richard Båge.


In Mediaplanet’s key markets the digital product offering represent of over 25 per cent of the revenue.


About Priveq Investment

Priveq Investment has invested in profitable growth companies for more than 30 years. The business concept is to create value through long-term investment and active ownership in unlisted growth companies. In total, nearly 3.5 billion SEK has been invested since the start, which means that Priveq and its employees completed 118 investments and guided 24 portfolio companies through stock market launches. The current portfolio consists of 15 companies and per December 31, 2015, the portfolio had a total revenue of approximately 6 billion SEK and approximately 1700 employees. Examples of current portfolio companies is 21 Grams, Crem International, El-Björn, House of Ports and QleanAir Scandinavia. Behind Priveq Investment there are essentially a number of long-term, institutional pension fund managers in the Nordic region and Europe. Examples of investors include Skandia Liv, Fjärde AP-fonden, Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP) and the European Investment Fund (EIF). Read more: