All of our employees are trusted with real decision making power. They are accountable for the results of those decisions. That means you can’t hide or finger point, but it also means you get to take full responsibility for your success.

We cannot expect you to run your own business without the necessary tools and support. You will take part in a thorough training program and be paired with a manager who knows how to lead without micromanaging.

We are not big on hierarchy. We believe in an open door policy. In fact, we try to avoid doors whenever possible - think “open floor plan.” If you’re curious about someone’s role or a particular area of the business, simply raise your hand.  

We will be upfront about this one: if you are not multitalented, this isn’t going to work. All of our roles require diverse skillsets. For example, project managers are responsible for sales, building an editorial synopsis, securing partnerships with editorial contributors and consulting with clients. Let’s just say they are not bored.

Continued Education
We invest in professional development at every stage of your career. This is what we mean by “we are a business school.” We will make you better at your current role, prepare you for your future role and ensure you have a deep understanding of all the roles around you.  

You are going to love seeing your name in print, talking to C-level executives and industry leaders and producing campaigns that inspire readers and wow clients. You will also love your paycheck. We do not cap commissions. The more you sell, the more you make. End of story.

We promote from within. We invest in your development so we both reap the rewards. You get to take the next step in your career, we get a manager who understands our company culture and can help us grow more talent.

You see what we mean now?  When you are better, we are better, and we know how to get us there.