Our interview process is a bit different than other employer’s.  We’ll let you in on a few secrets so you will know what to expect and how to prepare.

1. We want you to be yourself.  No, really.
We do not like the idea of having a “work you” that is different than the “real you.” It is the uniqueness of our employees that helps make our content so compelling and our company culture so vibrant. Of course, you need to be professional, but that does not mean you can not be yourself.

2. Be honest, even if that means admitting fear or inexperience.
Do not tell us what you think we want to hear. Tell us what you are scared of, or what you lack. Put it all on the table so we can best determine if you will be successful here. We are experts at grooming talent so there is no need to fake experience.
3. Get ready to mock pitch.
Unless you are interviewing for one of our production or tech roles, we are going to ask you to pitch us. We want to hear you on the phone. We want to see what happens when you get uncomfortable. We are the content marketing evangelists and spend much of our day explaining the benefits of content marketing to potential partners. If you do not like talking, or if you are not a skilled communicator, this is not the right place for you. The personality of our sales team is one of Mediaplanet’s distinguishing factors. At the risk of insulting some of our competitors, digital sales people tend to be boring. There is nothing boring about our team. We want to hear your passion. Do not worry if you trip over technical details. It is about your personality, likability and communication skills.
4. Ask us questions.
Don’t be shy! How will you determine if this is the right place for you if you do not ask questions? Of course, do your research before the interview. Do not ask us something that’s answered on our website. Do ask for details about our business model, company culture, upcoming titles - whatever is on your mind. We’ll also have you meet with someone other than your potential new manager. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask the hard-hitting questions. Remember, it is not just about us wanting you. You’ve got to land a job that will make you happy. Not everyone wants to work in an upbeat yet challenging environment where they will grow, meet cool people and earn lots of money. Kidding aside, if you do not see yourself here, it is okay to say so.

5. Do not badmouth past employers.
This is a common mistake made by candidates at all levels. The interviewer will ask why you are leaving your current position, or what you did not like about a past role, and you will unleash a scathing review of your incompetent boss and insufferable colleagues. Save the venting for your friends. We want you to be honest, but we are looking for constructive, professional criticism, not tirades.

 6. Follow up, even if you do not get the job. 
Did you enjoy meeting us? Are you more convinced than ever that you are the right candidate for the role? Tell us so! We will likely have met other people that day. A thoughtful, sincere thank you note could make a big difference. And if you do not get the job, do not be afraid to ask for feedback. We will be happy to provide concrete tips for improving your interview skills, and will admire your openness to feedback.