We Pair the Right
readers and leaders

How we do it

We pair the right leaders with the right readers through the right platforms.  Our content is created in partnership with leading celebrities, journalists, associations, thought leaders and clients. We collaborate with the most credible subject matter experts to create our content. We bring our content to our clients’ target audience via print, digital, social and mobile distribution — it’s content marketing done right. 

Case Study: Human Trafficking

Title development

First we identify a topic that interests both our readers and advertisers. Most of our titles are done routinely and scheduled six months in advance, but new topics are conceptualized frequently, often at the request of clients, readers and industry influencers.

We have published “Human Trafficking” hundreds of times around the globe. The campaign focuses on a number of topics surrounding both sex and labor trafficking, and calls for swift policy measures to enact change. Editorial features include inspirational survivor stories, policy changes needed to combat sex trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl, supply chain transparency and more.

Content creation

We build our editorial synopsis around our tried-and-true problem and solution format. We work with industry leaders to pinpoint the most pressing problems facing our target audience and provide practical tips in our content while positioning our clients as the specific solution providers. Our network of storytellers help us fill our pages with the type of astounding stories that keep readers coming back for more.

The cover of our January 2016 edition of Human Trafficking featured Academy award-winning actress Mira Sorvino. “Trafficking is not happening only in some far away country,” she urged. “It is happening here.”

Once we understand our advertisers’ objectives, we align them with the most relevant content or collaborate on a sponsored story. (Remember, effective content is not just about you. While we believe brands are experts in their industries and can contribute to truly useful content, we advise against self-promotional material. That is not what readers engage with or share.) Most of our clients opt for an integrated strategy, advertising in both the print and online versions.

Design strategy

Our sites are easy-to-read and navigate, and designed to foster social media sharing. We provide our readers with the perfect mix of snackable content and in-depth stories. In print, we keep readers turning the page by using original photos and strategic design elements like lists and infographics.

Content distribution

Creating compelling content is challenging enough, but we do not stop there. We partner with the world’s most prestigious websites and newspapers to ensure our content and advertisers are paired with the optimal audience. Our sites boast high volume, niche traffic. We also offer unique social and paid traffic strategies.

Human Trafficking's print edition ran in LA Times, and the online version took on a life of its own when Sorvino shared the link to our story on her social media networks and generated over thousands of shares.

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Our Distribution Partners

Print distribution

We partner with prestigious newspapers to distribute our campaigns in strategically selected markets across the U.S. to ensure a seamless alignment between the subject matter of each campaign and the readers our clients are eager to reach.

Our print partners include:

  • USA Today
  • Washington Post
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Los Angeles Times


Targeted exposure

Through our online distribution our campaigns reach a larger audience via contextual and behavioral targeting by leading industry news sites by our traffic and analytics team. Coupled with the release of each campaign is a press release, which is distributed to over 5,000 sites through 200 of the largest news sites.

Social media

We put our platforms to work for each campaign. We distribute through the social platforms of influential leaders, organizations and celebrities, as well as our partner’s websites and blogs.

When it comes to a social presence, we understand there is never a one-size-fits-all approach, which I why we collaborate with clients on custom social media strategies including product giveaways, Twitter chats and much more.