Challenging brands,

people and the ordinary.

Challenging brands,

people and the ordinary.

The success of our campaigns

We cover the relevant topics that you want to be connected with, align your message with engaging content, and secure a tailored distribution to reach your audience.

Engaging content

that your target audience want to consume created in formats to maximize the impact of your brand voice.

Relevant topics

that consists of niche and exclusive content based on current trends and market research.

Tailored distribution

through our own channels, our influencer collaborations and our partner networks makes you reach a highly relevant audience.

We have key influencers onboard

Top influencers within every campaign helps put spotlight and drive traffic to the content

Won awards

Communicator Awards
International Daveys Awards
Other super prestigious awards

The Mediaplanet journey


A late night in Stockholm

The story of Mediaplanet and content marketing begins. The (at the time) young guys Richard Båge and Rustan Panday realize the idea of combining interesting editorial content with relevant commercial messages. They partner with the Swedish paper Dagens Industri and our first publication hits the shelves.


London & Norway calling

We start to explore the possibilities abroad. The Times in England and Dagens Næringsliv in Norway becomes our first distribution partners outside of Sweden. Richard Båge moves to London and a Project Manager is appointed Country Manager in Norway.


Scandinavian expansion

Strengthened by a successful launch in England and Norway, we open offices in Helsinki and Copenhagen. Meanwhile we continue to expand our business further in London and Oslo and in the home market, Sweden, we move to a new, bigger office.


Berlin, Zürich & Amsterdam

Our international expansion continues and we establish offices in Berlin, Zürich and Amsterdam. In Sweden, we are beginning to get recognized for our business idea. We are nominated for Swedbank Entrepreneurship Award thanks to our ability to fulfill our mission and continue to grow.


The American dream

Mediaplanet is appointed winner at the Sweden's Gazelle Award thanks to our rapid expansion and growth in both turnover and result. At the same time, we expand with offices in Brussels and New York.


Warsaw, Bratislava, Vienna & Lausanne

We reach many important milestones. New countries are conquered when we open offices in Warsaw, Bratislava, Vienna and Lausanne. We also develop a new editorial concept and win two awards; Swedbank Entrepreneurship Award and Ernst & Young's prestigious prize; Entrepreneur of The Year.


Maple leafs

We open office in Toronto. Thanks to our business idea, expansion and stable economy we get more nominations for various awards and once again we are appointed winner in Sweden's Gazelle.


Two new awards

We are awarded in the International Davey Awards for our Loyalty & Rewards campaign and in the Content Marketing Awards for the campaign Employing America.


Greece & Appelberg

All employees worldwide meet up on a conference in Greece. Later same year, the group acquire all shares in Appelberg, Sweden’s largest content marketing provider. We are awarded two times in the Communicator Awards and two times in the International Davey Awards.


Three new awards

We are awarded for the Women in Business campaign and two times for the Climate Change campaign at The Communicator Awards, which is the leading international awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals.


New owners & tons of awards

We win four golds and two silvers at the Communicator Awards, two golds and five silver at the International Davey Awards and a bronze at The International Content Marketing Awards. At the same time, we switch gears with the new majority owners, Priveq, who believe in our digital transformation.


Newsner & N365

In August 2017, Mediaplanet acquired the Swedish founded N365, who focus on data-driven native advertising and constantly sets new records for web traffic via Newsner.


Awarded for our employer branding

We are awarded for the employer branding video concept, created in a collaboration with Appelberg. We win Silver in Swedish Content Awards and are nominated in CMA International Content Marketing Awards.

All you need to know about Mediaplanet

Mediaplanet delivers top class content marketing campaigns together with 15 000+ clients globally. Since the start in Stockholm back in 2002, we have grown into the world’s leading content marketing group with 15 offices across Europe and the North Americas.

We make branding easy for our clients by taking care of the entire value chain – from concept to production and distribution, and by collaborating with top influencers and world-renowned media houses. We are developing and producing 1,000 themed campaigns in 11 languages each year within our key content verticals; health, lifestyle, technology, business and cause.

The company was founded in Sweden in 2002. Today, we employ 500 people with estimated earnings of MEUR70 and is present in two continents, with headquarter in Stockholm. In 2014, Mediaplanet acquired Appelberg, Sweden’s largest content marketing supplier. In August 2017, Mediaplanet acquired N365, who focus on data-driven native advertising and constantly sets new records for web traffic via Newsner. Mediaplanet is a privately held company.

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Our way to success

  • Spirit

    We love, live and lead Mediaplanet.

  • Urgency

    We solve our challenges today, not tomorrow, always with a doer attitude.

  • Creativity

    We find a great solution for every situation and every client.

  • Cost efficient

    By dedication and smartness we save time and money.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We dare to implement, learn from mistakes and strive for improvements.

  • Salesmanship

    We provide an attractive client solution and walk the extra mile.

  • Smile

    We have fun, it creates strong relationships and a great company.


We are many hundreds at Mediaplanet. This is just a few of the masterminds at Mediaplanet.