07 December 14:12

Gold at the Content Marketing Association Awards

Mediaplanet U.K. took home Gold for Best Distribution Strategy at the 2017 International Content Marketing Association Awards.
By Olle Pettersson
 The Content Marketing Association received more than 400 entries from over 135 different agencies spanning 23 countries. That makes it the most competitive content marketing awards in the world, which makes winning first place even sweeter.
Our gold medalist was the “Women in STEM” campaign. Only seven percent of girls choose to pursue science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) as they get older. Girls love and excel in these subjects in their youth. Why aren’t they going from the classroom to the boardroom? We explored this gap.
We were determined to get our content into the hands of the audiences that matter most, so we sent more than 45,000 printed copies of our full-color report to:
  • School children and teachers at top girls’ schools and youth centers
  • Graduates and students at career, STEM, and job fairs
  • Industry professionals and policy makers at key industry events
  • STEM Ambassador hubs throughout the UK
We drove readers to our corresponding website via organic, paid, and social media traffic. To create more buzz, we ran a Twitter Chat and a Thunderclap and invited our industry partners to partake. #STEMwomenchat took on a life of its own.
All in all, our content achieved a potential reach of 8 million readers. This was good news for our sponsored clients. For example, General Electric’s article had over 1,050 organic shares.
Bottom line? Let your audience dictate your distribution strategy. We carefully curated our approach based on the people we were trying to reach. This level of customization took time, but as our stats show, it was worth it.

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