Whether in a meeting with your CMO, out to lunch with clients or even in casual water cooler talk with colleagues, the topic of social media almost always comes up in conversation, especially when putting together marketing strategies and outreach initiatives for your business or brand. But, what does it all mean and where is the value?

Mediaplanet specializes in content marketing, and our content marketing campaigns always include a show-stopping social media strategy. We are constantly at work building and nurturing our social channels to develop a loyal and engaged audience who are truly interested in our content. We also leverage the social networks of our influential leaders, celebrities and industry specific partners, which yields extremely positive results for our content and our clients.

Now that you have some insider information on how social media works for our business, below are the top six ways it can work for you.

1. Generating leads and increasing sales

Social media should be used as a vehicle to create relationships with your potential customers and spread the word about your brand or business. It is an opportunity to cultivate a relationship with a targeted audience who is interested in your products or brand and who are likely to convert into customers.

The ability to target a specific audience that is relevant to your business is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing. For instance, even though there are over a billion people on Facebook, the social giant holds a plethora of information on specific consumer interests and behaviors which marketers or business owners can take advantage of when promoting.

2. Brand legitimacy

According to Yahoo, 64 percent of Twitter users and 51 percent of Facebook users are more likely to buy the products of brands they follow online. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to get personal with the brands they buy products or services from and they are using social media as a vehicle to connect. If your brand or business is not on the platforms your consumers are on, chances are your missing out on an opportunity to build trust and loyalty among your potential customers.

3. Website traffic

Currently, there are close to 2 billion active users on social media globally. This means that people are viewing social status updates from friends, family, brands and businesses while receiving and digesting information. This is a huge opportunity for companies to share engaging content with a large pool of users that will translate into increased website visits. Socialbakers conducted an intense study on the correlation between Facebook and website traffic by analyzing 300,000 Facebook posts by more than 2,700 businesses. They concluded that businesses who have highly engaging content results in high website traffic.    

4. Increasing brand awareness

Social media is an excellent way to introduce new customers to your business, especially since we know that two-thirds of the country are using social networks. Relevanza reported that social media attracts 78 percent of small businesses.

5. Finding and connecting with your customers

This goes back to the basic principles of social media. If your potential customers are active on a social network, your brand or company should be there engaging with them as well. The key is to identify where your audience is and create engaging social content to interact and convert them into loyal followers. If you build it, nurture it, love it, spend time and take care of it, they will come.

6. Improving SEO performance

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly evolving beast. But in today’s world, social media plays a large role in determining where a business or company ranks within search engines. In a June 2013 study, it was found that seven out of the nine top Google search ranking factors in the U.S. were all social media related.

Whatever your business marketing strategy may be, we hope you see the value in including social media as part of it.