Social media has literally changed the world. With 1.9 billion social networks users on the planet, social media has become an integral component of savvy marketers’ distribution strategies - yours truly’s included.


Because we partner with industry thought leaders and celebrities to produce our content, the social distribution part comes pretty naturally.  We leverage the networks of our editorial partners to gain more exposure for our stories.  We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and big names translate into big numbers when it comes to things like sharing, likes, comments, impressions and clicks.  Here, let the numbers speak for themselves. Below are three recent success stories from the States.

1. Shakira, Hispanic Heritage campaign

For our Hispanic News campaign, we interviewed the Grammy award-winning Shakira, who shared her determination to address and improve the academic achievement gap around the globe.  Our content garnered 135,904,644 potential impressions via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Within the first 48 hours, the article received 5,280 visits via social media.  It’s been shared 2,400 times on Facebook and 888 times on Twitter—not a bad thing for the advertiser on the page, right?  When Shakira herself shared the photo, it was liked more than 578,000 times and shared by just shy of 21,000 people.

2. Katherine Heigl, Transplants campaign  

“Organ donation has always been a very close subject to my heart as my brother Jason was a donor. A tragic accident left my brother with a massive brain injury, but he was fine from the neck down.  Through this difficult and tragic experience, our whole family learned that as human beings we need to have as much compassion for others as we have for ourselves,” says Heigl in our exclusive interview

3. Steve Carell, Asthma & Allergies campaign

Over 12,700 readers visited our Asthma & Allergies news site within the first week of our awareness campaign, thanks in a large part to the social media efforts of funnyman Steve Carell. He and his wife are active supporters of the food allergy community and speak openly about their own efforts to manage their daughter’s dairy allergy.  His interview, Steve Carell and Despicable Dairy, was shared over 10,000 times on Facebook and over 300 times on Twitter.  Okay, we’re usually modest, but allow us to pat ourselves on the back for a second here.  This is a pretty dang good example of gaining exposure for a sensitive subject  via creative content partners and strategic social distribution.