We frequently report on the charitable efforts of others.  Inspired by our partners, we decided to give back, too.

We have partnered with Hand in Hand to sponsor a village in southern India. We chose Hand in Hand because they believe, like us, that education and entrepreneurship can lead to boundless possibilities.

One-third of India’s population lives in poverty. That is approximately 300 million people. Hand in Hand has educated more than 75,000 Indian women, teaching them to read, write and count, and about household economics, accounting and marketing. It is no secret - invest in a woman and you will get an incredible return on investment. Hand in Hand’s work has resulted in more than 800,000 family businesses and 1.4 million new jobs.

With Mediaplanet’s donation, Hand in Hand is teaching approximately 200 women to be entrepreneurs. Half of these women will go on to start their own business and likely double their family income. The village’s children will be put in school, and everyone will be given access to internet, a basic IT education and visits with professional doctors. Waste management and water cleaning projects are also underway. Hand in Hand’s global goal is to create 10 million jobs by 2020, and we are honored to be a part of that mission.