The New Year is a time for reflection, for taking a moment to think about what went well, what could have gone better and your goals for the coming year. The Mediaplanet team of content marketing experts is eager to continue to help our partners raise awareness about what matters to them while also demonstrating their thought leadership with high-quality content distributed via a unique combination of print, digital and social media channels. We’re just as excited about the opportunity to continue educating our global audience of readers on their most-pressing health, business, technology, lifestyle, education and corporate social responsibility concerns.

Our data analysts routinely study our content’s key metrics so we can understand what’s resonating. Here’s a look at the health stories our U.S. readers couldn’t get enough of last year, measured by page views*.

  1. The Donor Decision: Katherine Heigl Calls for Organ Donors

Our interview with Katherine Heigl about her family’s personal experience with organ donation was by far our runaway star and continues to rack up views and shares. The piece received more than 43,000 page views and was shared almost 60,000 times, and counting, on social media.


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  1. A Stroke Nearly Puts Kris Letang’s Career on Ice

Our inspiring story about Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang’s shocking health condition was viewed more than 6,500 times and shared more than 200 times on social media. It chronicles the athlete’s diagnosis and road to recovery, shedding light on stroke symptoms and potential causes.


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  1. Digestible tips for staying well on the go

Just because you’re on a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t dine out. “Gluten guru” Danielle Walker shares practical tips for eating well while traveling, based on her own experience with a gluten-free lifestyle. The helpful insights have been viewed 6,000 times and shared more than 933 times on social media.


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  1. Low milk supply? Maybe it’s your hormones.

For new mothers, breast-feeding can be one of the most challenging, and rewarding, aspects of parenting. With a slew of information available online, and not all of it reliable, finding answers to pressing breast-feeding questions can prove daunting. We partnered with medical experts to share information on one potential cause of low milk supply—hormone dysfunction. The article earned more than 4,740 page views and was shared 629 times on social media. 


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  1. Unique Transplant Gives Diabetes Patients New Lease on Life

Ty Cucarola struggles with type-1 diabetes, as well as hypoglycemic unawareness, a diabetes complication in which patients are unable to sense that their blood glucose is dropping. He’s participating in exciting new clinical research involving a new treatment method that could prove a game changer for people like Cucarola. The article has been viewed more than 4,180 times and shared 1,800 times on social media.

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If your business is passionate about any of these topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if you can align yourself with these trending pieces. We’re looking forward to another exciting and successful year educating and entertaining our readers, with the help of our clients and partners. 


*Page view data was pulled at the end of December. Social media data was pulled in early January 2016.