Six brave team members volunteered their veins as they donated blood at a local blood center as a follow up to January’s National Blood Donation Month.

In late February, MediaplanetUSA published its latest edition of “Blood Health,” featuring the CBS “Survivor: Africa” winner, Ethan Zohn, on the cover. In the recent campaign, Zohn shares his incredible story of how he overcame CD20+ Hodgkins Lymphoma not only once, but twice! His battle to survive (in more ways than one) inspired us to get involved and help spread advocacy for blood health. Six of our team members bravely volunteered to head to the New York Blood Center in the MetLife building and donate blood. Several of them had never donated blood before and were admittedly very nervous, but they did not want to miss this opportunity to give back to the community and perhaps save a life.

When asked about her involvement, Joelle Hernandez—a project manager at Mediaplanet—replied saying, “I had a great experience! I must say, I was a bit nervous going in as it was my first time. However, the staff made me really comfortable. I am happy to help anyone suffering in any way I can. I will definitely be back!”

Another Mediaplanet project manager, Kelsey MacArthur, commented on the experience as well, “Donating blood is such a simple way to help people when they need it most. It might seem invasive, but it isn't at all and is an opportunity to help people going through a variety of medical complications."

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a lifesaving blood transfusion. Let us all come together and give these folks a fighting chance. Donate today! You can visit to find engaging articles from the recent “Blood Health” campaign and help bring blood disease, and cancer awareness efforts to the forefront where innovative technologies can be developed for new solutions and treatments.