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4 Steps To Drive Leads From Instagram

A lot of brands don’t understand Instagram - but it's easy when you know how.
By Mediaplanet Creative Team

It can seem difficult to gain followers on Instagram and even harder to turn them into customers. But if used correctly, Instagram can be a powerful tool to not only build your brand's following, but generate leads. Here are four killer tips on how to crack the social media platform.

1. Optimize your Instagram bio for lead generation

If there’s one thing about Instagram that creates a challenge for brands, it’s that you’re not allowed to put clickable links in posts and comments.

In fact, you’re only allowed one clickable link — the one in your bio. And since you only get one, you better make it count.

The key is to set up your profile image, bio and link to make people as likely as possible to click it.

Honestly, your profile pic isn’t going to help much, but it’s important to choose one that’s consistent with your brand.

Your content is much more important. You want it reflect your brand but also include an enticing call to action to drive leads to your site.

Then comes your link. Give people a reason to click it by offering a free lead magnet. Try including the word “free” in the URL.

2. Set up an Instagram-specific landing page

If you’re going to be driving traffic from Instagram to your site, you need to bring potential customers to the right place, not just your home page.

Instead, set up a landing page that includes your lead magnet and is tailored to your Instagram followers.

You can easily set one up using a landing page builder like Leadpages.

Then set up an email campaign to nurture those visitors into customers with email marketing tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

3. Create and share great content

You’d be surprised how quickly you can gain followers by sharing quotes that inspire your target audience.

Instagram is practically made for caption images — and inspirational, motivational and thought-provoking quotes work especially well.

They’re also easy to make. All you need is a simple tool like Word Swag to easily add text to images. Or check out a more robust option like Canva.

If you can make videos, even better, since they attract a ton of attention and engagement.

These two kinds of content should make up the bulk of your Instagram feed. They’re perfect for building your following, engaging with your audience and keeping your feed from feeling too salesy.

4. Engage and promote

Now you’re ready to start engaging with your audience the right way. Rather than spamming them with a ton of posts, you need a strategy that helps you reach your goals. Here's how:


To attract people who are potentially interested in what you’re selling, use hashtags that are relevant to your business or message.

An app like TagsforLikes will help you find popular hashtags that can drive traffic to your Instagram page.

Compelling calls to action

Clear calls-to-action can mean the difference between posts that people scroll over and posts that go viral. Try a mix of these three CTAs:

Lead-magnet CTAs

Use this kind of call to action to drive traffic to the link on your bio. Post a picture advertising your lead magnet and then comment on it with a variation on “Click the link in our bio!”

CTAs for engagement

Here you want to post an inspirational quote and then ask your audience to like it if they agree with it. It’s a simple, yet effective way to gain followers.

Promotional CTAs

This CTA is for running promotions or sending your followers to links besides the one in your bio. Create an image that advertises your promotion, then write something like “Go to to enter!” in the comments.

Bonus: Share for shares

Another way to gain followers is to do a share-for-share campaign with other brands on Instagram. Just ask a brand that you think is a good fit if they want to work together. If they agree, you share one of their posts first and then they reciprocate by doing the same.

All of these tips will go a long way toward building your follower base on Instagram — and turning them into customers, too, so try implementing them and see what happens!

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