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How To Get Your Brand Remembered

Gone are the days when brands could just throw up a banner ad on the web and expect consumers to pay attention and remember them. 
By Mediaplanet Creative Team

According to a study by Infolinks, 86 percent of the public suffers from banner blindness. If you ask people to name the company or product on the last display ad they saw, they simply can’t remember.

That’s depressing if you’re a brand pouring money into display ads and hoping that consumers will remember you.

So how can you get your brand remembered? With good content marketing.

A recent report by IPG Media Lab and Forbes discovered that branded content like blog posts and videos are twice as memorable as display ads like banner images on websites or Facebook ads. 

Not only did branded content stay with participants longer, it was also more trusted. When participants who saw an article without branded content were asked if they’d likely seek out more content from that source in the future, 45 percent said yes. When branded content was added to the same article, the number rose to 59 percent.

Take company, for example. They offer free web-based personal financial management services to recent college grads in the US and Canada. Their site is filled with informative blog posts and videos that offer their audience a lot of value. By the time their users end up needing paid accounting software, they’ll naturally think of Intuit — the company that owns Mint and sponsors its content.

As Forbes’ Mark Howard told Adweek, “Branded content educates audiences on topics in which brands have a domain expertise, allowing our brands to truly connect in a consumer-centric way.”

The way to do this — and make potential customers remember you — is to gain their trust. You first need to establish your brand as the most knowledgeable, creative or innovative in its niche. 

Then once you have trust, you need to stay at the top of your audience’s mind. Steady reminders in the form of engaging content will strengthen the bond.

Fortunately, it’s acceptable to mention your brand while educating your audience. The IPG Media Lab report found that doubling the number of brand mentions in an article didn’t didn’t turn off readers or cause them to trust that content less. As long as there’s a good fit between the content and the product, you can safely promote your brand without coming off as too salesy.

Kara Manatt, the SVP of intelligence solutions and strategy at IPG Media Lab, says that the power of branded content isn’t going to fade soon.

“Branded content… is effective at driving metrics that marketers truly care about. It allows advertisers to connect with audiences in a way that is more consumer-centric — a way that offers value to the consumer as opposed to a product push,” she wrote.

If you need helping creating branded content that your audience will remember, reach out to Mediaplanet today.

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