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How To Pitch Video To Executives

You’ve got an idea for a video marketing campaign you know will kill, but something’s standing in the way: your company’s executive team. So how can you persuade them to give video a chance?
By Mediaplanet Creative Team

Convincing some execs to try new things can be tough. But like anyone else, when they see the data and open their eyes to what something like video can do for them, they’re usually open to new ideas.

Here’s how to pitch execs on why they should incorporate video into their marketing plans right now:

Explain how video can help meet your marketing goals

First, you want to show your bosses that you’re on the same page. After all, you both share the same goals — like building brand awareness, promoting new products, entertaining your audience, educating them and showing corporate responsibility… And video can do all of these.

Show them the stats

From there, it’s important to share specifics about how much you expect video to increase engagement, brand awareness, profitability and product awareness at your company. 

And for that, you need stats… Like how YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet and that Facebook’s algorithm favors native-hosted video.

Here are some other numbers you can use to help win your bosses over:

  • Videos will make up 80 percent of all global internet traffic by 2019 (Cisco).
  • The average person spends around 30 minutes a day watching videos on mobile devices (KPBC, 2018).
  • 53 percent of consumers want to see more video content from marketers (HubSpot).
  • Visual content is 40 times more likely than text to be shared via social networks. (Buffer, 2014).
  • Consumers who view video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers (Adobe, 2015).
  • Marketers who use video see revenue grow 49 percent faster than those who don’t (Aberdeen, 2015).

Show them how easy is it to turn existing content into video

Starting a video campaign from scratch might sound like a lot of work, but your execs will be surprised how easy it is to fold it into your current marketing plan. One way to do this is to take your organization’s existing content — its white papers, articles, blog posts, etc. — and transform them into a video campaign made up of easily digestible videos.

Do all this and your bosses should see how much video can add to your marketing toolkit. If they do, you might even suggest that video needs its own line in the budget — just like Facebook ads, direct mail, magazine ads and your company’s other marketing channels —so that video becomes an essential part of your marketing plan going forward.

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