23 August 09:20

Mediaplanet Group Forms Europe's Largest Content Marketing Group

Mediaplanet Group announces that it has acquired all shares in N365 Group. The acquisition means that Mediaplanet Group is creating Europe's largest content marketing media group, with the aim of continuing its expansion.
By Olle Pettersson


“In the future content marketing will be the basis of all marketing communication”


Since starting business in 2012, N365 Group has rapidly become a leader in the Swedish market for the supply of content marketing services. With focus on data-driven native advertising and the Newsner news site, the company is constantly setting records for web traffic. N365 Group’s websites have more than 50 million users per month and its content is available in 17 languages, while the unique range of its Facebook videos reach more than 500 million users a month, making Newsner one of the world’s largest viral sites.

As the newest member of the Mediaplanet Group, N365 Group joins the internationally established Mediaplanet, which operates in 16 countries in Europe and North America, and Appelberg, one of Sweden’s leading content agencies, whose niche is in B2B communication on behalf of some of the largest companies in Sweden.

“In the future content marketing will be the basis of all marketing communication,” says Richard Julin, CEO of Mediaplanet Group. “We are now building a modern media house through which Mediaplanet, N365 Group and Appelberg can offer a total content solution that combines impact and audience-tailored distribution with the ability to help brands drive traffic that converts in the long term and the short term. Initially, N365 Group will continue as usual, but the plan is to integrate the companies more over time.”

With Mediaplanet Group’s experience of global expansion, N365 Group sees great opportunities for establishing itself in new markets:

“There are many exciting synergies that arise from us becoming part of the Mediaplanet Group. The group’s geographical footprint, its sales organisation and its experience in internationalising companies give us great opportunities to scale up and quickly establish a presence on the international stage,” says Johan Rikner, CEO of N365 Group.

Mediaplanet Group has around 500 employees in 16 countries and annual sales of around SEK 700 million.


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