31 August 13:28

The New Facebook Pixel Gives You Insights On Your Group

In good news for marketers, Facebook recently started rolling out a pixel for Groups. 

By Mediaplanet Creative Team

This powerful tool, which had previously been reserved for Ads, gives you the data you need to figure out the effectiveness of the posts you create for your Facebook Groups — and become a more effective social media marketer.

Unfamiliar with Facebook Pixel? Simply put, it’s a code that you can embed on your website that lets you track the behavior of users after they click through to your website from a Facebook Ad (and now a post on Groups).

This is important because Facebook has been steadily reducing the amount of organic content from brands that it puts on users’ newsfeeds. And with reach down, the only effective option for social media marketers on Facebook has been paid ad campaigns. That is until now...

Groups had been overlooked by many brands, but now that it has a pixel, it’s worth taking another look.

Groups has always presented a simple way for brands to build a community. Users who join brand-focused groups tend to form a stronger bond to the brand — and some even become de facto brand ambassadors. But while anecdotal evidence suggests that engagement is on Groups is good, it’s hard to know how to best use Groups without much data to go on.

The situation improved when Group Insights was introduced last year, and adding a pixel will help even more. As a Facebook spokesperson commented:

“We launched Group Insights last year as a way to help admins see metrics regarding the growth, activity and membership of their groups. We’re now expanding Group Insights to let Group admins and brands link their groups with their existing Facebook ads pixel, allowing them to understand how members in their Group engage with their websites.”

Adding a pixel to your groups will allow you to understand how content in your groups is impacting traffic and driving action on your website. As the About Facebook Pixel for Groups page says, “Once you implement the pixel base code and relevant events, you can see if a post resulted in a pixel-detected lead or purchase on your website.”

The pixel for Groups is only available to admins who manage groups with 250 or more members, so if you have fewer members than that, you’ll want to get active and grow your group. And if you already have a lot of members, you can add a pixel now. Either way, now is the time to build community — and your brand — on Facebook.

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