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What Is A Lead Magnet And Why Do You Need One?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop chasing customers and have them come to you, instead?

By Mediaplanet Creative Team

Enter the lead magnet — a piece of content that helps introduce you to potential customers and gives you permission to engage with them. But before we cover how to make a lead magnet of your own, let’s go over what it is and why you need one.


What is a lead magnet?

Simply put, it’s a piece of content that attracts the kind of leads (or potential customers) you’d like to sell to. It can be an eBook, a PDF guide, an informative video or any other piece of content that's valuable enough to entice people to sign up to your mailing list.


So why do you need one?

Well, once someone allows you to email them, you can start building a relationship with them. And from there, the potential to sell to them skyrockets because we like to buy from people we know, trust and like.

So why not just build a relationship with potential customers on social media? Well, you can (and should), but there are downsides to exclusively using social. For instance, Facebook only shows your content to a fraction of your followers, the click-through rate is low and its sharing algorithm constantly changes.

But your mailing list, on the other hand, is completely yours. Your content is guaranteed to reach your potential customers’ inboxes, and in fact, a recent study showed that 59 percent of marketers reported that email generates the most ROI for their organization.

As this mailing list grows, you’ll be creating a pool of potential customers who are the right target for your product or service, which is essential to growing your business. Every time you have something new to promote, you can instantly reach the people who want to know about it.


Identifying Potential Buyers

Before you figure out what you can offer potential customers, figure out who they are and what they want. One way to do this is to profile your existing customers. The more you can define them, the better targeted your marketing will be to similar people.


Figuring Out What You Have to Offer

Once you have a good idea of who your potential customers are, think about what you can offer them. Consider their pain points and how to solve them with your business's product or service.

There are multiple solutions to every problem and your offering should be valuable enough to get people to exchange their details for it.


Choosing a Format

Lead magnets can take many forms and each one has its own benefits. These are some of the most effective:

  • A PDF Guide, Report, Toolkit, Infographic or Cheat Sheet
  • An eBook
  • A Video
  • A Webinar
  • A Free Trial
  • A Discount
  • An Assessment


Creating Your Lead Magnet

Depending on the format you choose, there are various tools at your disposal.

If making a PDF, use Microsoft Word or free choices like OpenOffice and Canva. Just remember that if using Word or Open Office, you'll need to save your content as a PDF. For eBooks or image-heavy PDFs, consider hiring a graphic designer if you have the budget. Or save your money and use Canva. Either way, services like Privy can advertsie your lead magnet on your bsuiness's website and collect email addresses.

To create a webinar, check out GoToWebinar or Zoom. Those interested need to fill out a registration page to view the content. Don’t make the form too long, though, or there's the risk of people abandoning their registration.

For videos, try Lumen5. It can help create videos in as little as 10 minutes. Videos can be placed on a landing page made with LeadPages, which will collect potential customers’ information.



After creating a lead magnet, try to promote it as widely as possible. Here are some possibilities:

  • Share it on social media channels with catchy posts
  • Change the cover images on your business's social networks and tell people how to get this piece of content
  • End your blogs with a call to action for the lead magnet
  • Add a link to the lead magnet in all email signatures
  • Tell everyone on your mailing list about it (You already have their info, but this is an excellent way to check out which of your subscribers are the most engaged, with the potential for them to share it with others)
  • Create and distribute a digital ad.

Do all this and your mailing list should start to fill up. And if the lead magnet still isn’t performing as much as you would like or you simply want some help with content creation or digital advertising, just reach out to our team here at Media Planet. We're a friendly team and content is what we do!




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