13 April 13:25

Why Content Marketing Is The New Branding

Branding isn't your logo, your tagline or your name. Branding is building trust and a longterm relationship with your customers.
By Olle Pettersson

Content marketing is one of the branding solutions that will lead you to success!

Traditional advertising was trying to convince your target audience that your product or service was great by saying it at least seven times. The rule of seven assumes that your audience needs to come across your message at least seven times before they will resonate with your message or take action.

Sure, that might have worked in an analogue media landscape 50 years ago. But, this outdated rule doesn’t apply anymore. Today, it's the audience who’s dictating the rules. Advertising over-load and ad-blockers makes it impossible to break through the noise (unless you’re sitting on a million-dollar campaign budget).

This is why content marketing helps your business communicate your brand message. By creating sponsored content, infographics, videos or social media activities, you can provide your prospects with great content they want to consume – at the same time, it helps you position your brand and become a thought-leader in your industry. By creating content branded with your logo, you have an amazing opportunity to build long-term relationships with your audience and increase your CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).


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